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FFA Junior Futsal National Championships trials

Football West News

Trials for the U12, U13, U14, U15 and Girls U15 squads participating in the Football Federation Australia Junior Futsal National Championships are now underway.

Trials are being held at Maccabi Sports Centre and Lords Sport Centre in September and October.

The Championships will be held at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra from January 8 to 13, 2018.

Sean D’Arcy will coach the U12 side, with Salv Todaro coaching the U13s and Dan Evans taking on the U14s.

Alex Herrera will lead the U15s, while Jessica Sardi will coach the Girls U15 team.

Football West Development Officer Garry Church said the opportunity to participate in the competition is invaluable for players.

“Taking part in the Futsal Nationals offers the players an experience to travel as a team and compete against some of the best junior futsal players in Australia,” he said.

“Futsal favours rapid decision making, dynamic playing systems and is the perfect tool for players to develop and improve technique, tactical understanding, agility and coordination.

“Participating in the Futsal Nationals and representing Western Australia is a great honour for those selected and I encourage all current or potential players to attend the trials.”

Training dates for selected teams (*Attendance at all training sessions is compulsory for selected squads)


U12: All training sessions at Lords Sport Centre

October 28: 1pm-2pm

November 4: 1pm-2pm

November 11: 1pm-2pm

November 18: 1pm-2pm

November 25: 1pm-2pm

December 2: 1pm-2pm

December 9: 1pm-2pm

December 16: 1pm-2pm

December 23: 1pm-2pm


U13: All training sessions at Maccabi Sports Centre

October 13: 6pm – 7pm

October 20: 6pm – 7pm

October 28: 8am-9am

November 4: 8am-9am

November 11: 8am-9am

November 18: 8am-9am

November 25: 8am-9am

December 2: 8am-9am

December 9: 8am-9am

December 16: 8am-9am

December 23: 8am-9am


U14: All training sessions at Maccabi Sports Centre

October 14: 9am – 10am

October 21: 9am – 10am

October 28: 9am – 10am

November 4: 9am – 10am

November 11: 9am – 10am

November 18: 9am – 10am

November 25: 9am – 10am

December 2: 9am – 10am

December 9: 9am – 10am

December 16: 9am – 10am

December 23: 9am – 10am


Boys U15: All training sessions at Maccabi Sports Centre

October 14: 10am – 11am

October 21: 10am – 11am

October 28: 10am – 11am

November 4: 10am – 11am

November 11: 10am – 11am

November 18: 10am – 11am

November 25: 10am – 11am

December 2: 10am – 11am

December 9: 10am – 11am

December 16: 10am – 11am

December 23: 10am – 11am


Girls U15: All training sessions at Maccabi Sports Centre

October 14: 11am – 12pm

October 21: 11am – 12pm

October 28: 11am – 12pm

November 4: 11am – 12pm

November 11: 11am – 12pm

November 18: 11am – 12pm

November 25: 11am – 12pm

December 2: 11am – 12pm

December 9: 11am – 12pm

December 16: 11am – 12pm

December 23: 11am – 12pm