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Kids getting their kicks out of football

Football West News

Football is by far the most popular team sport played by children in Australia.

A study released by the  Australian Sports Commission found almost twice as many children under 15 played football (14.1%) than its nearest rival Australian Rules (8.8%).

The only sport more popular than football was swimming (31.8%).

When the survey was broken down into gender, football again came out on top in the team sports with 21.9% of boys taking part.

Almost 6% of girls played football, second only to netball (13.3%) in the team sports.

Football West head of development Jamie Harnwell was encouraged by the results.

“It is pleasing to see the continued growth of football in Australia, and particularly Western Australia,” he said.

“Football West works hard to ensure that every person who wishes to play football can find a game, regardless of who they are.

“Football provides an easy entry into team sports where players are able to pick up basic skills quickly and participate in games from an early age.”

In 2017, 3.5million children (74%) in Australia took part at least once in some form of organised sport or physical activity outside of school hours, compared with 3.2m children (70%) in 2016.

The AusPlay Survey was a national telephone survey funded and led by the Australian Sports Commission.