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Angel shines bright in White Eagles’ epic victory

Report by Damian Piek

Dianella White Eagles put on a magnificent performance to thrash Western Knights 6-0 at Dianella Reserve on Saturday afternoon in the State League Division One.

Dianella’s Angle Andres went into the second half with no goals behind his name but found the net four times before the final whistle.

Andres’ teammate Friday Ziko scored the other two, with his first coming from outside the box to find the bottom right corner of the net and his second picking up a rebound and sending his team into half time with a 2-0 lead.

In the 54th minute the Eagles received a penalty and Andres stepped up to slot it in the bottom right corner.

Andres then scored his second goal after a one-on-one encounter with the keeper, before picking up a rebound to complete his hat-trick a short time later.

He scored his fourth with a casual strike into the back of the net to bring the score to 6-0.

Robbie Dunn was ecstatic with his teams’ performance.

“The boys really wanted the win and it showed on the pitch,” he said.

“We could’ve scored a few more but one down, 19 to go.”

Ivan Zovela was very disappointed with the result.

“We set ourselves high standards and as champions defending our title we need to step up and lift after this performance,” he said.

“We lost the game through some individual errors and through some individual brilliance from the opposition.”

Andres was humble in his victory.

“I honestly thought it was a tough game to play in.

“We knew they could play good long balls and we tried to play as aggressive as we could to stop them from having time to play those balls.”

“I am very happy with my four goals and just hope we can keep winning and continue on playing together as a team.”

Dianella White Eagles (Ziko 21min, 44, Andres 54, 70, 75, 85)

Western Knights 0

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dianella Reserve

Kick-off: 3pm

Referee: A. Walsh

Assistant referees: T. Paraskevas and S. Westmenland

Dianella White Eagles: 1. Joel Driscoll, 2. Sotiris Theodosiades, 3. Mordecal Appiah, 4. Agid Gardoud, 6. Josam Muwowo, 7. Joshua Tomoe, 8. Ibrahim Hamad, 9. Angel Andres, 10. Jose Zuniga, 11. Friday Ziko, 12. Kenel Mouithys, 14. Bojan Radinovic, 15. Spiro Nenadic, 16. Branimic Dragojevic

Unused substitutes: 23. Mackenzie Ferguson

Yellow cards: Hamad 24, Appiah 56

Red cards: Nil

Western Knights: 1. Sam Stone, 2. Ben Stone, 3. Rob Del Borrello, 4. David Murphy, 5. Graham Tough, 7. Joshua Cortes, 8. Alex Randell, 9. Patrick Morrison 10. Brian Patterson, 13. Tom Kennedy, 16. David Clark, 18 Mark Zagami

Unused substitutes: 17. Ryan Sardi, 12. John Lahaaei, 19 Emmanuel Langoya, 22. Jordan Comre.

Yellow Cards: Brian Patterson 37, Tom Kennedy 52, Alex Randell 57

Red Cards: Nil