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Balcatta players celebrate the joy of scoring a goal.

Enjoy the game

Football West News

Football West reminds all football participants of their obligation to be respectful of fellow players, officials and spectators before, during and after matches.

In recent times, Football West has been made aware of instances of foul and abusive language – sometimes directed at children – and other behaviour that should not be tolerated at any sporting ground or event.

In that regard, clubs concerned by on-field or sideline behaviour should remind their members of expectations regarding standards of behaviour.

It is unacceptable to intimidate, berate or abuse any person, and action can and will be taken against those who breach the Football West Code of Conduct or the Code of Behaviour.

Whether you are at a game to watch, play, coach or officiate you should remember that sport is a form of entertainment and that people are involved in football primarily to enjoy the game.

Click here to read about the Respect Campaign.

While football stirs emotion and provokes passion, it is also a family sport that attracts players of all ages, cultures and genders.

A recent AusPlay survey confirmed football’s status as the most played team sport in Western Australia with more than 170,000 participants.

This growing number is sustained through the creation and development of club environments that promote inclusion, a spirit of fair play and respect for all.

The desire to see your team win should not cloud your judgment nor should it impact negatively on your behaviour. Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated by parents, players, referees and their assistants, or club volunteers.

Football West encourages participants to compete fairly and to consider the consequences of actions both on and off the field.

This is particularly important during junior matches when coaches, parents and other adult observers should be mindful of their influence on younger people, including those taking their first steps as new officials.

Football is a game. Please enjoy it.