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FFA Congress update

Football West News

Members of Football Federation Australia’s Congress have not passed a resolution which would have increased representation for women, professional clubs and professional players.

Football West was one of seven of the 10 Members which voted in favour of a resolution that was not passed since it required 75 percent approval.

The Congress will continue with its current membership of one representative from each of the nine Member Federations and one representing the Hyundai A-League clubs.

Football West Chair Liam Twigger said the Member Federations had already opened discussions regarding how to contribute to a solution.

“FFA has formally advised FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation of the outcome of yesterday’s AGM, and FFA and the Congress Members will now await their advice as to their next steps,” he said.

“There is some speculation that FIFA will immediately intervene and impose what is called a Normalisation Committee.

“Based on our previous meetings with FIFA and the AFC we understand that there are a number of options open to FIFA when dealing with issues pertaining to a particular Member Association’s governance and constitutional alignment with FIFA Statutes, so although it is a possibility, a rush to normalisation is by no means the next step.”

Twigger said the challenges of expanding FFA Congress would not overshadow the game’s considerable successes.

“The stakeholders will continue to work together during this exciting time for football in Australia,” he said. “With over one million players football continues to be the number one participation sport, the women’s game is thriving, the Socceroos are bound for a fourth successive World Cup and the Hyundai A League continues to provide fans with great entertainment and sporting spectacle.”

“Football West and its colleague Member Federations look forward to continue working with FFA and all stakeholders for the benefit of the game. As the not for profit organisations responsible for administration of the community game, we are committed to using every opportunity to strengthen the development, progress and well-being of football at every level.”

FFA has indicated it will work towards establishing a separate operating model for the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League to provide a better return to club owners, attracting more capital and expanding the competition.