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Cristiano Ronaldo cools down. Picture: Getty Images.

Reminder: Take care in hot weather

Football West News

Football West reminds players, coaches, parents and officials of the measures that should be taken before, during and after matches and training sessions scheduled to be played in hot conditions.

Forecast maximum temperatures of 39C on Saturday March 4 and Sunday March 5 will affect the scheduling of all matches. Football West would like to advise clubs that no matches should be played between 10:00am and 4:00pm. However, Football West will sanction matches that can be completed prior to 10:00am or that kick-off after 4:00pm.

Although Football West sanctions fixtures and appoints referees to accommodate club requests, players and officials may choose not to take part in games when they have concerns about the heat and related consequences.

Football West will be advising all referees that there is to be a minimum of 1 drinks break per half for all matches.

 Please visit www.nplwa.com.au for the latest on the PS4 NPLWA fixtures.

Parents should be particularly mindful of their responsibility to safeguard their children during junior fixtures and training, particularly in the summer months before the start of scheduled competitions.

Football West and its registered clubs and participants have a responsibility to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of staff, volunteers, players, officials and spectators.

In fulfilling this responsibility, all participants have a duty to provide and maintain an environment that is safe and without risks to health.

Body temperatures increase during high intensity sport in a hot environment and can lead to heat illness presented as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Symptoms can be worse if fluid replacement during exercise is inadequate which leads to fluid loss and dehydration.

Players, parents, club officials and referees should take collective steps to ensure the safety of all participants.

These include:

Club Officials

  • Consider forecast temperatures before requesting a friendly to be sanctioned.
  • When forecast temperatures are high (35C+), avoid playing games during the hottest part of the day.


  • Discuss with coaches any concerns about high temperatures or other challenging conditions prior to the commencement of a match.
  • Follow health recommendations regarding the intake of fluids before, during and after matches and training to ensure appropriate hydration.
  • Include ice packs and wet towels as part of playing kit to allow for cooling to occur more quickly during breaks.
  • Take appropriate action post-game as part of recovery process.


  • Discuss any concerns around extreme weather conditions with an official referee if one has been appointed.


  • Consider carefully whether a game should proceed.
  • Schedule drinks breaks during matches

If participants feel unwell during exercise, they should cease activity immediately and rest in a shaded, breezy area, or air conditioned location, and drink water to rehydrate.

Misting or spraying water can also help reduce body temperature and assist in preventing further health issues.

Participants should seek medical attention if their condition does not improve.