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International Clearances

Do I need an International Transfer Certificate?

The International Transfer Certificate (ITC) process is used to check whether a player who wishes to register with a club in Australia is allowed to do so under the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.  The process is used to check such facts as:

whether the player has a contract with another club in another country;
whether the player is suspended; or
whether there are any other limitations on his registration in Australia.

If a player’s last club was in a country other than Australia, and the player 12 years old or older, then an ITC is required.

In order to request an ITC, when the player is self-registering, they are to answer yes to; Was your last club overseas?

A set of questions will then follow. They must then answer all questions requested. This will then request an ITC direct to the FFA.

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