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New Women’s Masters competition

Football West News

Football West is launching a new midweek seven-a-side Women’s Masters competiton.

The 10-week outdoor tournament will run from October 5 to December 4, including finals.

The competition is for women aged 30 and over, although each team is allowed two players aged 28 or 29. Teams do not need to be affiliated to a club.


Football West Female Development Officer Annie Leyland said: “Being involved in active recreation will bring many benefits to the participants, including enjoyment and increased wellbeing through social connection and community.

“It is Football West’s aim to make the game accessible to all and to provide opportunities to play.

“Masters aims to be a competition for women over 30 to keep active while having a great experience playing football.”

Matches will be played on half a full-size football pitch and are 30 minutes each way, with a five-minute half-time break.

Teams need to be nominated by September 9. Once all nominations are in, a venue will be decided on to best suit all parties.

Players already registered to a club for 2018 do not need to re-register. Otherwise it is $20 to register.

Teams are required to pay a further $430 nomination fee, which covers registration and insurance.

A match day fee of $25 per team is required to cover referee charges.

Taking into account the cost of referees, it works out as less than $10 per player per game.