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Welcome to the 2018 football season!

Please ensure that you carefully read ALL the information below before contacting the office.

Match Official Registration
Registrations are now open for the 2018 season via the online MyFootballClub system. The Self Registration Guide is available by clicking here, please follow the instructions to register. Please also note the registration deadlines for the various competitions as outlined in the Self Registration Guide.

Copies of the 2018 FFA Laws of the Game book will initially be made available at the Pre-Season Seminar (details below). Outside of the pre-season seminar dates, they can be collected during office hours from Football West or at coaching nights throughout the year.


Pre-Season Seminars

As advised previously, Football West will again operate two pre-season seminars for referees in 2018, recognising that the season of some officials commences earlier than others. Both sessions will be identical in nature, and officials are welcome to register for whichever seminar they wish according to their availability. These seminars will provide officials with details explanations on the amendments to the Laws of the Game as well as changes to interpretations as provided by the International FA Board (IFAB). There will also be guest speakers and presentations on other development topics pertinent to referees in preparation for the upcoming season.

There is NO COST to attend the pre-season seminar, and we encourage all match officials to attend one of the dates. We do require you to register for the seminar to confirm numbers for catering purposes, and you can do so by clicking on the links below:

Upgrade Courses

Course dates have now been confirmed for all upgrade courses, with registration available online via the MyFootballClub website by clicking on the links below. The dates set are as follows:

If you wish to review your current qualifications, you can do so by logging into the Self-Management Portal using your FFA number and registered email address by clicking here.


Physical training & Fitness Testing

Physical training is already underway on Monday and Wednesday nights at Noranda Sports Complex commencing at 6:30pm, and all referees are welcome to attend. It is highly recommended that all referees who are required to complete a fitness test attend training to give themselves the best chance of reaching the requirement for their respective panels.

Pre-season fitness testing will again be separated into two groupings in order to cater for the different testing requirements for the different competitions. More information about fitness testing for the 2018 season is available by clicking here.


If anyone has any questions relating to the above, feel email referees@footballwest.com.au.