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Review to determine Junior NPL structure in 2018

Football West News

Football West has determined to continue the 2017 National Premier Leagues WA Junior season as initially scheduled following further consideration of the competition structure.

A comprehensive NPL Review, which will draw on input from stakeholders across the sport, will guide the future of senior and junior competitions from 2018 and over the next five years.

In recent weeks, Football West has considered views, including the various opinions raised in an online petition, which are in objection to the Junior NPL structure in 2017.

The current Junior NPL format, which consists of groups of 12 and nine clubs, was the result of a recommendation of the NPL Standing Committee and subsequent feedback from various club officials.

Although Football West acknowledges the 2017 structure does not represent an ideal model, it will provide young footballers opportunities to play in a competitive environment that is conducive to their further development.

Launched in 2014 to improve the technical skills of junior players, the Junaior NPL was expanded in 2016 to provide additional opportunities to more players, particularly those in geographic areas not previously serviced by clubs meeting NPL standards.

In 2017, Football West anticipates that the 21 Junior NPL clubs will deliver age-relevant coaching, through planned sessions that are conducted by accredited coaches in line with Football Federation Australia’s National Curriculum.

Clubs will continue to play a key role in player development through providing improved training environments and, therefore, assist in the overall advancement of the NPL.

Football West will continue to seek feedback regarding the Junior NPL, which will be directed to independent consultants appointed to lead the NPLWA Review.

Contributions to the future direction of the top-tier senior and junior competitions can also be made via surveys, which are available here.