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2021 Hyundai NTC squads confirmed

Football West News

Football West can confirm the Hyundai National Training Centre squads for 2021.

Trials were held last month for the four teams – U13, U14, U15 and U19.

Football West Chief Football Officer Jamie Harnwell said: “The Hyundai NTC program continues to be the elite development pathway for female footballers in Western Australia.

“Despite the interruptions to 2020, Football West has remained committed to providing a professional environment in which these players can grow and flourish. With the Women’s World Cup in 2023, we are hopeful to see some of our graduates take to the field for the Matildas in Australia.

“None of this would be possible without the naming partner of the program, Hyundai Australia, and we thank Michael Beros and the team for their continuing support.”

Hyundai Regional General Manager Michael Beros said: “Hyundai is very proud to support the Hyundai NTC program, but more importantly we are so excited about the meteoric rise of women’s football in Western Australia.

“On behalf of Hyundai Australia, we congratulate the 2021 squad members and wish you every success as you tackle your football pathway to greater success. We are right behind you no matter what challenges lie ahead … just embrace it, feel it and celebrate it!”

Five players from the Hyundai Girls Skills Acquisition Program, which identifies and assembles potentially talented 9-12 year-olds, have made the 2020 NTC program:

• EJ Silver (full-time) Perth SC
• Sakura Leong (full-time) Subiaco AFC
• Xuri Dalton (associate) Stirling Lions
• Mabel Wilkinson (associate) Floreat Athena
• Tara Meeres (full-time) NTC Associate 2020

The following players were selected following identification at Country Week 2020:

• Tia Fantasia (full-time), Hay Park United, represented CCJSA
• Shaylee Holden (full-time), Hay Park United, represented CCJSA
• Ella Marwick (full-time), Polonia Albany, represented Albany
• Tanika Lala (associate), Kalgoorlie College FC, represented Goldfields


NTC U13 (Play in Imagine Cruising U12 league)

Coach: Courtney Owen

Full-time players
Amber Atkinson (Carramar Shamrock Rovers FC/NTC U13)
Cate McAuliffe (NTC U13)
EJ Silver (Perth SC)
Ella Marwick (Hay Park United)
Jessica Johnson (NTC U13)
Lacey Heys (Geographe Bay FC/NTC U13)
Olivia Speakes (NTC U13)
Sakura Leong (Subiaco AFC)
Shaylee Holden (Hay Park United)
Tara Meeres (NTC U13)
Tatem Spencer (Perth SC)
Tia Fantasia (Hay Park United)

Associate players
Ava Santos (NTC U13)
Mabel Wilkinson (Floreat Athena)
Shenae Rebelo (Perth SC/NTC U13)
Xuri Dalton (Stirling Lions)

NTC U14 (Play in Smarter than Smoking Boys U13 league)

Coach: Gavin Sit

Full-time players
Amber Thomson (Murdoch University Melville FC)
Amy Silvester (Murdoch University Melville FC)
Angelique Clayton (Northern Redbacks)
Ashley Scott (Ellenbrook United)
Charlotte Oliver (Northern Redbacks)
Evie Seed (Murdoch University Melville FC)
Ischia Brooking (NTC U13)
Jessica Skinner (NTC U13)
Klaudia Houlis (NTC U14)
Mia Britton (NTC U13)
Niamh Devitt (NTC U13)
Niamh Healy (Kalamunda United)
Ruby Cuthbert (NTC U13)
Sophia Brooks (Fremantle City FC)

Associate players
Harper Collinson (Cockburn City SC)
Iona Mitchell (Joondalup United/NTC U13)
Nelli Johnson (North Beach SC)
Ruby Marshall (Joondalup City/NTC U13)
Taya Coates (Northern Redbacks)
Zina Hunt (NTC U13)

NTC U15 (Play in NPLWA Women’s U23 league)

Coach: Faye Chambers

Full-time players
Abbey Woolley (NTC U14)
Alanna Ottobrino (Perth SC)
Alkira Mogridge (NTC U14)
Amelie Lague (NTC U15)
Elysse Shore (Murdoch University Melville FC/NTC U14)
Jayde O’Donohoe (NTC U14)
Jenna Harnwell (NTC U14)
Kendra Rosa (NTC U14)
Louise Tana (NTC U14)
Lucy Hope (NTC U14)
Maeve Lehane (NTC U14)
Pearl Ekbote (Riverside CFC)
Sophie Meaden (NTC U14)
Tamsyn Hannan (South West Phoenix)
Violet Longmore (NTC U14)

Associate players
Anna Tan (NTC U14)
Clara Hoarau (Murdoch University Melville FC)
Daisy Groenewald-Shield (Subiaco AFC/NTC U13)
Hannah Collins (Perth SC/NTC U15)
Indiana Antunes (Fremantle City FC)
Isabella Rooney (Joondalup United/NTC U14)
Natalia Vega Mena (Northern Redbacks)

NTC U19 (Play in NPLWA Women’s first team league)

Coach: Ben Anderton

Full-time players
Cam Barreiro (NTC U19)
Catherine Adams (NTC U15)
Daisy McAllister (NTC U19)
Ella Lincoln (Bayswater City/NTC U19)
Georgia Cassidy (NTC U15)
Hana Lowry (NTC U19)
Isabella Wallhead (NTC U19)
Jaspa Cargill-Fletcher (NTC U19)
Judy Connolly (NTC U19)
Kate Armstrong (NTC U19)
Lilly Bailey (NTC U15)
Maya Spatafore (NTC U15)
Monique Prinsloo (NTC U19)
Olivia Trueman (NTC U15)
Taneesha Baker (NTC U19)
Tijan McKenna (NTC U19)
Wilma Thodhlana (NTC U15)

Associate players
Abbey Green (NTC U19)
Grace Johnston (Subiaco AFC/NTC U15)
Grace Monteiro (NTC U19)
Mischa Anderson (Joondalup City/NTC U15)
Natasha Tanner (NTC U15)
Rachel Gillies (Murdoch University Melville FC)
Shivani Battaglia (Joondalup City/NTC U19)
Tanika Lala (Kalgoorlie College FC)
Zara Board (Murdoch University Melville FC/NTC U15)