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Discovery Phase Session – Game 4

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Core skills being developed – Running with the Ball

Aim Of The Game:

  • To run your ball back to the starting point without getting tagged.

Grid Size:

  • 10m x 10m *Guide only, adjust according to numbers, age, ability, etc.


  • Set up several shapes as shown, with a start cone for each player [Pic.1]. 

  • The Yellows (dribblers) will start with a ball and the Reds (taggers) without.

  • After confirming the direction that players will run, the Coach will call ‘GO!’.

  • The objective for the Yellows is to try and run the ball around the shape and return to the starting point, while the objective for the Reds is to try and tag the dribbler [Pic.2]. Once completed, swap the roles.

  • *After each player has had a turn you should be able to see if anything needs adjusting. If it’s too easy for either player, adjust the starting position of the tagger to make it more/less challenging. You want it so that both players arrive at the dribblers start cone at roughly the same time.

  • After each player has had a turn, change the direction and repeat.

  • For the final activity, the dribbler can go in either direction and is just looking to avoid the tagger. The tagger has 30 seconds to try and catch the dribbler using feints, change of direction, change of speed, etc. [Pic.3]. Once completed, swap the roles.

  • Rotate the players through the shapes while repeating the exercises.

More Advanced:

  • Adjust the starting position of the tagger to allow more pressure on the dribbler.

Less Advanced:

  • Adjust the starting position of the tagger to allow for less pressure on the dribbler.

  • The tagger also has a ball and must dribble while giving chase.