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Discovery Phase Session – Game 1

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Core skills being developed – 1v1, Striking the Ball

Grid Size:

  • 20m x 20m.


  • Divide players into three teams. Two of the teams will start inside the grid all with a ball each. The other team will take up a position by the Coach.

  • The Blues and Reds begin by dribbling their ball anywhere inside the grid [Pic.1].

  • Next, the Coach will count down 3, 2, 1 “Yellows enter”.

  • The objective for the Yellows is to try and dispossess a Blue or Red player, before trying to score into one of the four goals [Pic.2].

  • If a Yellow player scores a goal, it means that whoever’s ball it was has been knocked out and they must go and sit by the coach.

  • If the shot misses the goal and goes out, the player who’s ball it was can return the ball to the game and continue [Pic.3].

  • Players are not allowed to run their ball outside of the grid.

  • Players can try and win their ball back if they have been dispossessed.

  • The last player to be knocked out is the winner.

  • Rotate the teams before playing again.

  • For the next round of games you can add some extra competition by timing the defending teams to see how long it takes to knock everyone out. The quickest team is the winner.

More Advanced:

  • Defenders can only shoot with their ‘weaker’ foot.

Less Advanced:

  • Make wider goals by using poles rather than pop-ups.