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Discovery Phase Session – Game 2

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Core skills being developed – Running with the Ball, Striking the Ball

Grid Size:

  • 20m x 20m *Guide only, adjust according to numbers, age, ability, etc.


  • Players will need a ball each and divided into two teams, positioned either side of the goal [Pic.1].

  • When the Coach calls ‘GO!’, the first player from both teams will start running with the ball.

  • The objective for both players is to run their ball around the pole and shoot for goal. The player that scores first is awarded the point [Pic.2].

  • After both players have had a shot, they collect their ball and return to the end of their lines.

  • The Coach keeps score, with the first team to five points the winner.

  • Swap sides and repeat.

  • Set challenges for the players by suggesting the use of left foot only on the left side and right foot only on the right side (or vice versa).

More Advanced:

  • Add 3-4 cones which players need to dribble their ball through before getting around the pole.

Less Advanced:

  • Bring the poles closer to the goal.

  • Create wider goals by placing two pop-ups next to each other.