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Discovery Phase Session – Game 3

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Core skills being developed – Running with the Ball, 1v1

Aim Of The Game:

  • Avoid the defender and run the ball through as many gates as possible.

Grid Size:

  • 12m x 12m *Guide only, adjust according to numbers, age, ability, etc.


  • Set up as shown with a ‘server’, ‘attacker’ & ‘defender’ [Pic.1]. 

  • When the Coach calls ‘GO!’, the server will pass the ball to the attacker and the defender will enter the area.

  • The objective for the attacker is to run the ball through as many gates as possible [Pic.2].

  • Attackers will earn a point for every gate they successfully run the ball through.

  • The defender’s objective is to win possession and dribble the ball out of the area in order to end the action.

  • If the attacker loses control and runs the ball out, or the defender deflects/kicks the ball out, the action has ended.

  • Once the action has ended, rotate the players and start again. Repeat until everyone has had a turn in each role.

  • At the end of each round, change the starting positions of the ‘server’ and ‘defender’ [Pic.3].

More Advanced:

  • Defender can start inside the area.

Less Advanced:

  • Make the gates wider.