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Discovery Phase Session – Game 5

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Core skills being developed – Striking the Ball, 1v1

Aim Of The Game:

  • To score in one of the two goals, while under pressure from a chasing defender.

Grid Size:

  • 20m x 20m *Guide only, adjust according to numbers, age, ability, etc.


  • Set up the area as shown [Pic.1]. 

  • Each player will need a ball apart from the two goalkeepers.

  • The Reds will start off as attackers and the Yellows as defenders.

  • The Yellow player begins with a ball-manipulation exercise as specified by the coach e.g. toe taps, tick-tocks, sole only, outside/inside of foot, juggle & catch, etc.

  • The Red player then passes his ball through the gate before giving chase [Pic.2].

  • As soon as the Red player passes the ball, the Yellow player is allowed to leave his ball and give chase also.

  • The game now becomes a 1v1 with players allowed to score in either goal [Pic.3]. 

  • Generally the player that passes the ball through the gate will react quickest to become the attacker, so it’s important to swap the roles regularly.

More Advanced:

  • Strike the ball through the gate using least preferred foot.

Less Advanced:

  • The Yellow player faces away from the Red so he must listen out (rather than watch) for the ball being passed.

  • Start the Yellow player further back.

  • Remove the goalkeepers and replace the big goals with smaller pop ups.