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Equal Footingball Division

Equal Footingball Divisions: Inclusive competitions catering for 9-year-olds to adults

If you have vision impairment or difficulty navigating this page, please phone 0410 659 422 for more information.


  • Congratulations Emily Casella of Tuart Hill JSC on winning the Disabilities in Football Award (David Cantoni Medal)
  • EFD currently in off-season, keen players can look to Summer All-Abilities Futsal for continuing opportunities.
  • HBF supported EFD with $1000 of sports retailer vouchers awarded to Player of the Month. In divisions 2/3 and 1. May winners were Edmond Kolasa (Division 1) and Ewan Pentland (Division 2), June winners were Matthew Brandish (Division 1) and Luke Davies (Division 2), July winners were Christopher Johnstone (Division 1) and Joshua James (Division 2), August Calvin Tringh (Division 3) and Tarkin Barker (Division 1), September winners were Nicholas Fuller (Division 2) and Christopher Minutillo (Division 1).
  • Participants with a Health Care Card can be eligible for up to $150 off fees thanks to Kidsport.
  • NDIS recipients should also consider setting up a plan for an active lifestyle with sporting pathway and development goals.
  • United Reds League to commence in 2020 covering ages 8 to 12 with Inclusion Solutions progressing this program.


Why Equal Footingball Division exists: Football West’s vision is to make the game accessible and a great experience for all! The competition allows community members to fully participate in club activities and experience the game as others do.

From the 2018 program survey, responses indicated 90% satisfaction.

How it works:

Equal Footingball Division is safe space.

Participating clubs provide fun and inclusive training and small-sided games each winter competition season.

People from age 9 who would find it difficult to play a large pitch game at full speed can learn skills, grow confidence and develop teamwork at their own pace.

Three different tailored playing levels help many players with competitive disadvantages, including disabilities, to discover and enjoy the game at a comfortable level.

It is generally a once-weekly commitment between April and September with breaks for school holidays and long weekends. Some clubs organise additional training.

The rules, which are used by other club teams each weekend, are similar to the international Special Olympics and 7-a-side CP formats.

Players are constantly encouraged to set goals and aim to always improve.

Some of the more common targets are:

  • Score a goal
  • Make new friends
  • Be able to take on and beat other players
  • Win a championship with my club team
  • Join the growing number of current EFD players who have represented Western Australia in Paralympic and Special Olympics national games and have represented Australia at international level
  • Advance from Equal Footingball Division into other levels of the game
  • Win the prestigious Disabilities in Football Award (David Cantoni Medal)

The levels on offer are:

Division Three: ages 9+ with emphasis on fun and learning for beginners and players improving skill, speed and agility.

Division Two: age 12+ with an emphasis on experienced players improving skill, game awareness and physical capability at their own pace

Division One: age 14+ for the most advanced players, especially those seeking to represent their state or country and progress into stronger levels of competition


  • Players need to be able to move unassisted around a small pitch, with concession for walking aids.
  • Insurance considerations may differ for injuries players have previously suffered.

field of players enjoying game

Club Contact Details
ClubVenueContact personPhoneEmail
Cockburn City Soccer ClubBeale Park, SpearwoodSue Minutillo0413 562 205heidilazzaro@optusnet.com.au
Kalamunda United FCMaida Vale Reserve, Maida ValeCraig McCarthy0412 702 977secretarykufc@gmail.com
Lynwood United Football ClubHossack Reserve, ParkwoodKym James0403 796 994lynwood.united.fc@gmail.com; kbjames1@hotmail.com
Peel RFC (independent regional program)Bortolo Park , GreenfieldsBelinda Oldfieldprfc2011@hotmail.com.au
Tuart Hill Junior SCWoodchester Reserve, NollamaraAngie Belfiore0416 267 567angie@tuarthilljuniorsc.com.au
Western Knights Soccer ClubDavis Oval, Mosman ParkHelen Cairns0421 328 594westernknights1968@gmail.com
Whitford City FCWarrandyte Park, CraigieDavid Jackson0431 317 347davidjackson339@optusnet.com.au

We are also taking expressions of interest from players for other areas.


2019 Division One Results

12 May 2019
Davis Oval, Mosman ParkWKgts / LUFC / THJSC 5 v 5 CCSC
9 June 2019Woodchester Park, NollamaraTHJSC v LUFC 12 v 3 CCSC / WKgts
23 June 2019Maida Vale ReserveCCSC / WKgts 8 v 7 THJSC / LUFC
30 June 2019Beale Park CockburnCCSC / Wkgts 7 v 4 LUFC / THJSC
28 July 2019Davis OvalCCSC / Wkghts 3 v 12 THJSC / LUFC
11 August 2019Beale Park CockburnCCSC / Wkghts 2 v 4 THJSC / LUFC
18 August 2019Maida Vale ReserveCCSC / WKgts 10 v 13 THJSC / LUFC
25 August 2019LynwoodCCSC / LUFC 9 v 3 Wkghts / THJSC
1 September 2019Beale Park CockburnCCSC / WKgts 1 v 14 THJSC / LUFC
8 September 2019Hossack ReserveTHJSC / WKgts 4 v 8 CCSC / LUFC

2019 Division One Ladder

ClubWinsDrawsLossesGoals forPoints
Lynwood United FC7124122
Tuart Hill JSC5143716
Cockburn City SC4155213
Western Knights SC21727
Kalamunda United FC

2019 Division Two Results

12 May 2019
Davis Oval, Mosman ParkLUFC/KAL/WKgts (13) v CCSC/THJSC (2)
9 June 2019Woodchester Park, NollamaraLUFC/KAL (9) v CCSC WKgts (7)
23 June 2019Maida Vale ReserveLUFC/CCSC (6) v WKgts/KALA (3)
30 June 2019Beale Park CockburnWKgts/CCSC/THJSC (1) v KAL/LUFC (7)
28 July 2019Davis OvalLUFC/KAL/WKgts (6) v CCSC/THJSC (1)
11 August 2019Beale Park CockburnCockburn City SC (4) Western Knights (5)
18 August 2019Maida Vale ReserveKAL/CCSC/THJSC (1) v LUFC/WKgts (5)
25 August 2019LynwoodCCSC (1) v LUFC / KAL (7)
1 September 2019Beale Park CockburnLUFC / WKgts (3) v (1) KAL / CCSC
8 September 2019Hossack ReserveLUFC / WKgts (7) v (3) KAL / THJSC / CCSC

2019 Division Two Ladder

ClubWinsDrawsLossesGoals forPoints
Lynwood United FC94127
Western Knights SC632818
Kalamunda United FC53315
Cockburn City SC19183
Tuart Hill JSC510

I scored a goal in 2019!

Amoah, EmannuelTuart Hill JSC
Armstrong, Micheal Tuart Hill JSC
Casella, EmilyTuart Hill JSC
Chhum, SethaTuart Hill JSC
Fuller, NicholasLynwood United FC
James, JoshuaLynwood United FC
James, MatthewLynwood United FC
James, NathanWestern Knights
Johnstone, ChristopherLynwood United FC
Jukic, LukaCockburn City SC
King, LukeKalamunda
Kolasa, EdmondTuart Hill JSC
Manning, Christian Cockburn City SC
Manning, NathanealCockburn City SC
Mher, OmaidTuart Hill JSC
Minutillo, ChristopherCockburn City SC
Mitchell, Jason Cockburn City SC
Nathan, JarrodWestern Knights SC
Pentland, EwanLynwood United FC
Rajandengern, VickneeshCockburn City SC
Robb, PatrickCockburn City SC
Ryan, Maureen Kalamunda United FC
SandinuTuart Hill JSC
Shey, SkidmoreKalamunda United FC
Smith, TomasKalamunda United FC
Staddle, Andrew Tuart Hill JSC
Stone, JoshuaWestern Knights SC
Tringh, CalvinLynwood United FC
Wilson, CaitlinLynwood United FC
Wilson, DanielWestern Knights
Yazdam, SameemCockburn City SC

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Football West’s Inclusive Development Program is proudly sponsored by Healthway, promoting the Smarter than Smoking Message, atWork Australia and Crystalise.