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Standing Committees and Zone Representatives

Standing Committees & Zone Representatives – 2017-2019

The Football West Zone Representatives and Standing Committee Delegates are listed below. The term of each Zone Representative and Standing Committee Delegate expires on 30 June 2019.

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Zone Representatives

  • Metropolitan North – Cara Bensky & Graeme Marinkovich
  • Metropolitan South – Rob Mackay & Craig Tamlin
  • Metropolitan East – Campbell Ballantyne & Phil Kelly
  • Metropolitan Central – Esther Cheim & John Talbert
  • Peel – Jim Webb
  • Mid West/Gascoyne – Giovanni Sciuto
  • South West – Simone Darnell
  • Kimberley/Pilbara – Joe Algeri

State League Standing Committee

  • Phil Kelly (Chair)
  • Campbell Ballantyne
  • Peter Dearlove
  • Tony Stewart
  • Paula Mammone
  • Hans Meyer
  • Dave Kindness

Referees Standing Committee

  • Sam Musca (Chair)
  • Brian Rooney
  • Jarrad Sharman
  • Paul Planken
  • Dave Shanks
  • John Signorini
  • Derek Minett

Women’s Standing Committee

  • Conrad Mckelvie (Chair)
  • Matt Burnie
  • Emily Twigger
  • Tim Hodgson
  • Lynda Woodfin
  • Ann Gourley
  • Diana Reeves
  • Janine Waltman
  • Greg Farrell

Amateur, Social & Masters Standing Committee

  • Jack Monaco (Chair)
  • Rob Mackay
  • David Palin
  • Shaun Little
  • Graeme Marinkovich
  • Caesar Aquino
  • Andrew Whalley

Coaches Standing Committee

  • Ian Morris (Chair)
  • Lisa Manson
  • Jessica Lindquist
  • Mohamed Osman
  • Garrett McDuling
  • Andrew Arena
  • Phil Butler
  • Osric Powell

Junior Standing Committee

  • Sam Watkins (Chair)
  • Anna Lane
  • John Talbert
  • Cade Taylor
  • Kerry Slater
  • Jenny Rossi
  • Esther Cheim
  • Laszlo Jackso
  • Paul Goodley

NPL Standing Committee

  • Sean Cross (Chair)
  • Mark Watts
  • Peter Carlino
  • Heidi Lazzaro
  • Steve Amphlett
  • Harry Barbas
  • Oriano Colli
  • Brian Kennedy
  • Jacob Burns
  • Gary Marocchi
  • Derek Harnwell
  • Cane Spaseski

The Futsal Standing Committee has no delegates currently.


There are a number of Zone Representative and Standing Committee Delegate positions that remain vacant:

  • Wheatbelt/Goldfields Zone Representative;
  • Great Southern Zone Representative;
  • State League Standing Committee;
  • Amateur, Social & Masters Standing Committee;
  • Referees Standing Committee;
  • Women’s Standing Committee;
  • Junior Standing Committee;
  • Coaches Standing Committee; and
  • Futsal Standing Committee.

It is not too late to volunteer to join this important group of people that shapes the way football is played in Western Australia. The roles of each group are described in the following paragraphs.

The Role of Zone Representatives

Zone Representatives play an important role in football’s administration by liaising with club officials and providing feedback to Football West. Zone Representatives:

  • Uphold and promote the objectives of Football West;
  • Are invited to become members of the company and attend General Meetings of Football West;
  • Facilitate the implementation of Football West and FFA policy, programs and initiatives; and
  • Act as a conduit for the flow of information and issues of relevance from Football West to the clubs and from the clubs to Football West.

Zone Representatives are committed to working with Football West, Standing Committees and Clubs on matters of significance affecting football.

The Role of Standing Committees

Standing Committees are established to advise the Football West Board and Chief Executive Officer on matters relating to the particular are of football for which they have been established.

In addition, the Board or CEO may refer any matters relating to the competition to the Standing Committee for consideration and request that the Committee provide an opinion to the Board or CEO as appropriate on the matter referred.

Like Zone Representatives, Standing Committees are committed to working with Football West, and Clubs on matters of significance affecting their particular area of the game.

If you would like to join as a Zone Representative or any of the Standing Committees, please complete one of the application forms below. Please follow the instructions on the Application Form to lodge your application. Applications received will be presented to the Board for consideration and approval.

Zone Representative – Application for Casual Vacancy

Standing Committee – Application for Casual Vacancy


Football West By-Laws

By-Laws 1-11

Football West Zone Outline

Terms of Reference

Zone Representatives Terms of Reference November 2016

Standing Committee Terms of Reference – Coming Soon.

Further Information

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Company Secretary Keith Wood on 6181 0715 or 0400 717 110 or via email at company.secretary@footballwest.com.au.