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Coaches play a key role in developing and introducing players to the world game. Football West aims to ensure every WA coach has access to coach education opportunities and that coaches at all levels are appropriately accredited for the task.

There are two coach education pathways for aspiring coaches to choose from;

Community Advanced (C and B Licence)
Shorter duration (3 hours to 3 days) From 7-12 full days
Basic, focused on fundamentals Intensive and comprehensive
Conducted locally by States and territories Conducted by FFA at the Australian Institute of Sport. C and B Licence held locally in WA

The main aspects of the C and B Licence course are:

  • Based on the FFA National Curriculum
  • Guided by the FFA Vision and Philosophy
  • A total of 34 modules over 60 hours (mixed theory and practical approach)
  • Focuses on the Skill Acquisition, Game Training and Performance Phases

If you require further information regarding coaching programs or if your club is interested in hosting a coaching course please contact cris.ola@footballwest.com.au

Advanced Courses

Community Courses